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    Age: 16

    Timezone :

    The Netherlands

    Do you own a quality microphone?
    Yes i have the turtlebeatch steal 130

    Do you have Discord, Telegram, and Teamspeak?:

    yes i have all of them (DC) Nigel#5625


    Do you have any previous staff experiences?:

    I was owner of a private server called Kingdom 100 man played there on
    I'm Been Mod on SupremeGames (HCF) 150 man SOTW
    Admin of Urkahcf played 100 people
    and I am staff been on a server there played 120 people on others Kingdom
    and a private practice server but is never opened


    Why do you want to become staff? :

    The biggest reason why I want to be of staff on Supreme for a while is that I play and then with Minecraft was gestop now I play again. Supreme used to be my favorite hcf server for a very long while and I have a great experience here so far. Now I want to give something back to the server and that is to contribute to the staff. I also want to become Supreme because staff has the potential to grow. I would also like to be staff on Supreme to meet new friends and be able personnel with different people. I'm the kind of guy who likes to help everyone in any case. For example, IR, if anyone my help I never say no, instead, I appreciate that they asked for my help and I'm thankful to that person to help. It will be the same as I have become staff on Supreme I will make sure to try as much as possible in the teamspeak and in-game help.

    I also believe there are quite a lot of cheaters here on Supreme and I want to get rid of them. I am my past experiences as a player hcf, very annoyed when I play and killed by an impostor because it ruins the game. I want less people get that feeling when they play against a cheater because it will them just less motivated to play hcf and that is one reason why the community hcf shrinks. I want to grow the communit.


    Why should we accept you as staff?:

    There are multiple reasons why you should pick me over someone else. One reason is that the majority of the people that want to become staff does not really want to become staff to help people, catch cheaters and try to improve the community. They want to get power and attention. Because as a staff you get power by being able to go in staff mode, punish players, rule the community in some way etc. You get a lot of attention because many people think staff members are “more important” than regular players which are not true.

    I don’t want to become staff so I can have a lot of power or get attention. I want to become staff because there are a lot of cheaters and staff members can’t get rid of all of them and I don’t really care if I get a lot of attention or not.

    Another reason why you should accept me as a staff is because I do not care about my staff role or the number of punishments I have. I care more about helping people out than punishing people. That means if I become staff I will not strive for getting as many punishments as possible, I will strive for helping out as many people as possible.


    any punish?


    Hi I am Nigel.
    I am 16 years old.
    And my hobbies are: Football, gaming
    I live in Netherlands in the city of maastricht

    This was my application
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    Huh? Staff op Supremegames. De oude supremegames of wat?

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