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    Hi! I am Glenn (NEW MC NAME SAYYEET) and I am 16 years young. Hereby my application for Moderator My plus points are: I am active, austere, helpful, patient, social, not greedy My minus points are: I have certain rules with my parents such as: if I behave long I do not do it at school and just at home than I may sometimes less but you do not bother yourself and I always contact it via Phone My motivation is: I have been on multiple Mycraft: p server with multiple people Mycreft Moderator so I know what I do so I can also do my specific work because you have to know what you're asking for congratulations I know so I can not disappoint you in that I am gwn super active so I can often be online and I moderate the chat total 3/5 hours I am good at: The chat moderates and I have a good, beautiful, fun fantasy so I can give people original punishments and other things! smiley: My experiences are: I have been moderator on several servers, I am super good and nice to other fellow staff members And, players help with their problems and I can help people with agresieve kicken or whatever I can treat people well kwa diseases because I on trained am kind of; D so therefore you should definitely take me for the rest I know a lot of moderates and I pay attention to the chat P / D: 7/10 hours !! that's a lot!

    Here are some scenarios: I am the only moderator online at discord and a group of people are starting to scold everyone, what am I doing? > I try to keep their rest first and then I ask why they do it and if there is a good reason for it they will not listen I can stop you AUB and then I will look for the rest and they will stay for many minutes by then they have a chance of a warn + I send screens to you and I can always mutate them for a few minutes. I am called and threatened with a DDoS, what do I do? > I am going to see if there is a reason for it and then I will warn them and miss muten for certain minutes and I will try to get more contact for a conversation with one of the parents to chat with, D This was my application for Moderator, I hope you liked him. With kind regards, Pipo no kidding, P

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