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    IGN: (In-Game Name):

    I am 15 years of age

    Discord ID?
    Alin Spams L1#2185

    Do you have any past Staff experience?
    Yes,i do and i will provide it now!

    1)I've been on CavePvp (
    So my journey on CavePvP began on 27th of february 2019.Their manager dm'ed me saying that i got accepted and i should come to an interview so he can have an opinion about my style and my behavior to some things.I actually managed to get accepted and i was so happy about it.When i joined,every staff member said welcome and that made me more excited than i already was.When i got the staff guide, it was a very good amount of details that was about to help me along with my journey on the server.I was very proud of me and my skill to get accepted on a server that i really liked and i said to myself that i will do a good job.1 week later, they demoted me due to "server hopping" but i had some strong arguments that i was not doing it.They did not listen to me and take my rank away and they even blocked me.I do not think they should have behaved like that but my new goal is being staff on SagePvP!

    2)Ive been staff on BackPlay(
    My staff experience on backplay was a long during one and let me tell you why.I joined the backplay community on 23th of December and i got demoted on 19th of February.This server is a very mature and respectful staff team because they were not striking their staffs for making a ban mistake or things like that.The strike reasons were simple ones that not everyone can break them.I got demoted due to lack of activity and i perfectly understand the circumstances that i've been thru.I really think backplay is a respected server with a very good amount of player{200) and i do not regret my staff experience there!

    3) I've been staff on MineMen (
    On 3rd of December 2018 I joined a community called minemen as a trial-moderator,When i joined,all the staff members said welcome! And started saying they will be there if I will need help because we are a family.I was excited about it but i didn’t like 1 thing.The fact that the staff team were allowing the words "Ez,L,faggot,etc.." and another thing that pissed me was that some of the staff members,owner included were saying "nigga" "shut the fuck up" and things like that and i didn’t consider that right but I decided to not argue about it.On 12th of december I got demoted for no reason after i said "I will go off,cya later" and when i finished,i saw that i got demoted and i asked the staff members what happened but he said that a higher staff told him to remove my rank without any reason and when i heard that i was really mad and i decided to calm down.The experience there was not that good because the chat was too toxic,and because i am not tolerating this at all

    4) I've been staff on ExcileHQ (
    My staff experience regarding to Excile was a very dedicated one, and let me tell you why.When i first got in game, the chat was peaceful and the staffs were good with the community.I said to myself "thats it, this is the community i will have my best staff experience on". I was on like 2 or 3 hours a day maybe more and everything was OK a day when i woke up,one of my friends that is still staff messaged me saying "Why you got demoted" and when i saw the message i straight up went to see their discord and when i saw that i got demoted, i felt like my face was falling out my head and then i asked the owner what happened. His answer was the following" You applied to another community while you were a staff here" and i said"Man look at the date i posted the application, it was like 2 months ago'' and he said he does not care about it and he does not want me in the staff team anymore.

    Do you speak more than one language?
    I currently speak Romanian and English

    Do you have any past punishments on Supremegames?
    No i do not

    Why do you want to become Staff?
    Because I enjoy helping players that also frequent the server whilst also having the opportunity to ban those who break the rules . I am a really good person with good intentions and I really bet on that because everytime i put other people before my own self.I love helping new players because when i am doing it i have a satisfaction,I think I would fit pretty good in the staff team because i have learned alot from my mistakes and I am planning to change the way I act and my behavior to other people.The reasons i want to be staff are the following:

    Self Confidence:
    I can call myself self confident because i've been in alot of situations that i was in need.I am indeed a benefit because i am assuring you that i have been working on it recently to have more of it because it really helps in every confusing situation.Example:If you have a test at math and you don't what to write because you are gassed with emotions,you need self confidence because that means you know what you are capable of and you free your mind voice that tells"YOU CAN DO IT ALIN" so it’s really important because if you have this,you can do alot of things in your life that you will be thankful about later on your life,I can present to you another example but this time in minecraft to make both count.So you are in the lobby and some people starts spamming and swearing,what would someone without self confidence would do,he would panic and say to himself "Oh no what is this i can do this,they are to many,im gonna be demoted,NOOOO' but a self confidence man would be like "Ok lets start muting the player that started first,and after lets get rid of the other 2 or 3 mans" see what i mean.Self confidence brings to you the opportunity to be organised and the cycle of the thing you should do like:OK I DO this first then the other thing.That’s one of my benefits and i will be glad to show it to you.

    Staff Experience:
    I've been staff on some server and i can tell you that i learned alot from them.Every server told me a history when i was staff and now i still know the stories.I really think that you need to have some experience on the respective position because when you are gonna be accepted,the owner will interview you and he will look in your application about some helpful details that can help him ask you questions and if he sees in your voice that your not ready and you have been lying,he will know you have been lying to him from the start.So instead of applying for a big server from the start,try applying for some small servers with 50-60 players and in time you realise that you want more than that and step into the next door in your Staff career.

    Why should we choose you over other applicants?
    I think that you should accept me as staff because:

    I am professional.
    In my past experiences as a staff member, I have learned a lot about being professional with other staff members and players of the server. While staffing professionalism is very important because you are representing the server and if you are not professional and mature while doing your job the server could get a bad reputation.

    I am active.
    One of the keys to succeeding as a staff member is being active. If I am accepted I would be active doing my job on all server platforms such as the forums, discord, teamspeak, and more. I can be on everyday for at least 3 hours a day because of my mostly clear schedule.

    I am experienced.
    I have been staff on many different kinds of networks including HCF and Practice. I have learned from the mistakes I made last year and have improved by going out and gaining experience. If I am accepted I would put my experience to use and hopefully succeed as a staff member.

    I am patient.
    As a staff member, it is important to be patient. While staffing there will more than likely be times where you have to take your time or wait for something or someone. One example is making sure that you are punishing someone for the correct amount of time and for the correct reason.

    What do you consider your greatest strength?

    I consider my greatest strength screen-sharing

    What do you consider your greatest weakness?

    I consider myself to thoughtful [I believe in things easily]

    What is your timezone?

    Please provide a brief description of yourself:
    Hello,my name is Alin, i am 15 years old and i like playing video games with my friend and i also like going outside when i am not playing them.My favourite sport is Basketball and my favourite subject at school is English.I really think i am a good person and i hope you can see that too!

    Do you have anything else you would like to tell us?
    I thank you for your time in reading over my application and I look forward to working with you in the near future. Any feedback in the comments would be greatly appreciated!


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