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    Jan 24, 2019
    14 Years

    Discord ID:

    Do you have any past Staff experience:
    Yes I have so much experience with a staff member rank and I know how to use it

    Do you speak more than one language:
    Yes, Dutch, English, Moroccan

    Do you have any past punishments on Supremegames:

    Why do you want to become Staff:
    Because I've experience with a staff member rank and I know good how to use my rank and I've been on so much server staff

    Why should we choose you over other applicants:
    I think because I've more experience then other people.

    What do you consider your greatest weakness:
    I dont know I think nothing

    What is your timezone:

    lease provide a brief description of yourself:
    I'm serious with my work I work hard I do my best on everything I'm sporty and I can make custom minecraft plugins "skript"
    and I'm respectfull and I'm honestly

    Do you have anything else you would like to tell us:
    I hope that I'm accepted and I wish you a nice day

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